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The craze that is RAW

November 21, 2017

RAW videos certainly aren't new, but we sure do love them.


There's multiple reasons for loving them; as bike fans we associate certain noises with the emotion that we get from riding. In the same way we associate smells, so we do with sound.


We've been working with Identiti this year on a few projects for their new bike, the Mettle. At the start of the year Identiti were looking for a rider that was talented, made difficult riding look fun and easy and was good to work with. 




Being well connected to the scene we knew we could help, and athlete sourcing and management is something that we do quietly offer. Luke was fairly unknown outside of the BDS series but he offered the perfect solution for Identiti. He gave a nod to Identiti's heritage with his wild and no bullshit attitude, while also raising his own profile.


It's a good way for up and  coming riders (But not quite there yet) to raise their own profile as well by showing they have the dedication and are prepared to put the graft in. 


As an all round media production firm we take great pride in the production value of whatever we do or are connected to, be that events, film, photo or any content creation. 


However we also value offering our clients what works best for them, and for Identiti that meant stripping back the high end production a little . This also matched Luke's character well. 




We really wanted to highlight some subtleties in the film. In autumn Dunkeld is ablaze with colour and turning into a wild place - We felt this matched Luke's flowing red hair and riding style perfectly which would really highlight what this bike is capable of. 


We also felt that the video represented what the average rider hoped to be able to ride like - Who doesn't love riding two or three tracks in the woods at the weekend, pushing as hard as you dare with a huge grin on your face?  Really, that's what RAW is about; going back to basics.



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