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I see colour

November 6, 2017

We often get asked why film is such an investment for brands. It's easy to see why that question gets asked - a modern Iphone can film in 4k, and when a term such as that dominates peoples perception it can be shocking to find out that, really, technology is simply a tool that we harness, not something that defines our quality. 


A lot goes into any digital production we do - be that something like the Tiger Lifting strategy  , event production like the Naughty Northumbrian or content creation for Swiss International Airlines


We spend more than a few days planning photo shoots and film shoots. We don't want this to sound like a chore - in fact its often one of the funnest parts of the job - we're seeing new places and doing the whole "make a camera with your fingers and put it over your eyes" thing. Yep, we do actually do that. It was once cool, we think.


Then there's health and safety, getting permissions, model release forms and so on. That stuff really gets us giddy with excitement.........


Before we've even picked up a camera  (The "fake hand camera" doesn't count) we might have logged a weeks hard graft already. 


That's pre shoot out the way, the middle (the shoot) usually looks after itself then we get to post shoot. You'll often hear crews joking about "just fix it in post", and while the old mantra of "shoot shit, edit shit" still rings true, it's amazing what can be done in the edit, sound and colour suites. 


With that partly in my mind, I went out this morning to grab some test footage of Alnwick Castle for a project this morning as it was the first frost of the year. 


It was pretty slippy under foot and this was to test the light at certain times of the day, which it turns out was quite something. Early bird catches the worm and all that. 



Once I'd finished getting a sweat on ( A filmer's  fashion essential down jacket was a good idea to start with....maybe not so much for running with a steady cam) I headed away. 


When I got back and logged the footage it looked pretty nice - not perfect, but nice to use in the mood board.


I then went through the process of turning a fairly dull image that comes out of the camera into something that represents the style that we'd like to achieve. 


This took about two hours in total - that's for 30 seconds of footage. Hopefully you can see, via the video above - how this process adds a huge value to the finished result. Furthermore, we can choose how we'd like it to look - maybe dark and moody or cinematic, or a TV look. 


It's quite amazing how colour perception is a huge, huge influence on the way we regard things. Heck, there's been enough studies on it to sink a ship. While many see this as a logo thing, it carries through an entire brand experience and enters the weird and wonderful world of psychology. It's actually quite interesting if you can avoid being cynical about it. 


So, getting your film colour grading right is pretty key and ensuring that your film production team understand this, and don't just go off in a direction that they have personal preference for. 


So whatever your next move is, always remember; Don't scrimp on the detail. 




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