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The Naughty Northumbrian

August 18, 2017

A lot of people have wondered just what we're up to organising an event. In fact, we're doing it as a collab,  but we've taken on more than just the usual media partner title. We've helped dig, we've sourced sponsorship, we've booked marquees and liaised with the brilliant Northumberland National Park. 


There were multiple reasons why we've got involved with such a behemoth of a project; getting 450 riders to the Coquet Valley, in an unproven race, seemed like a very big ask. 




Yet, we filled entries within two months of opening them. 


That in turn, reaffirms one of the key reasons we believed this could work - because rural areas have a lot to offer.  It's unusual to a find a production company with clients such as Europe's biggest bike brand Canyon, and American brand G form operating out of a small town in a country's most sparsely populated county. 


On paper it would seem the odds are stacked against us from the get go - a less vibrant economy, unenviable transport links, internet that can be patchy and so on. 


Yet, in our minds, that is one of the core reasons we are so dynamic as a creative business. We are, in essence, a product of our environment, and that is one that is ever moving, subtly shifting and as such, we have spent our lives adapting to things. 


We don't see ourselves as traditional creatives - we see ourselves as "fixers" who use creative solutions to solve your problems. There's no value without a solution that has positive impact. That what we focus on first -  finding the solution - how we do it comes second. 





And so, The Naughty Northumbrian is a positive. It will bring in an estimated 60k to the local economy for 2 days, yet avoids the pitfalls of problems associated with tourism - lack of infrastructure to cope with swell in visitor numbers etc...as we have created a venue that is self contained and we bring in local business's to help. Next year we'll look to increase these benefits by working with our key partners. 


It helps the Northumberland National Park highlight how dynamic they can be, by getting involved in new areas. It helps the Air Ambulance, as we donate funds to them. 


Lastly, it helps the region, as it highlights that while this may be a very rural, picturesque location, there are business's operating here who can challenge the status quo in media, organisation and output . The talent is here,  and while our work will always have an international flavour, we seek out and try to nurture locals who previously, to work in areas like we do, would have to venture to the city.


Just like our home county of Northumberland, DWAgency is more than just a one trick pony.


Now, we best be off, we've got to go and see someone about a bike race.....







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