UK Content Supply

Scott Sports Group

The brief

Brand visibility

Scott Sports UK are a company with many hats. They are a UK subsidiary of Scott Sports int', as well as an effective distributor of other brands; such as Bergamont bikes, Scott Eyewear and clothing amongst others.

Our role was to create content for all brands under the umbrella of Scott. 


Our approach

Athlete sourcing and continuous content

We adopted different approaches to each brand. 

Bergamont, an emerging German brand new to the UK needed a variety of services - athletes with a high visibility, content to amplify the brand, athletes and equipment and lots of it. 

We centred this around a cost-effective social media content strategy. 

For Scott, who are a very well established brand the need was more UK specific content to fit the UK market. 


Increased brand visibility

Thanks to our continuous content supply, Bergamont built continued brand visibility with over 20 short films, 300 social media pieces of content supplied, 3 specialist print press features, and 15 global specialist website features. 

We gave Scott the platform to reach the enthusiast segment of the market and utilise our 12,000 database of cyclists direct Email through sponsored content.