Bringing talent into the spotlight

Sweet Protection

The brief

Bring talented women into focus

Sweet Protection are a brand with a long pedigree of supporting talented women in outdoor sports. 

We pitched a mini-documentary and campaign based around up and coming (at the time - she's now well established) Trek factory Enduro racer Katy Winton. 

Our aim was to highlight the effort, determination and stoic drive that is often missed from the female spotting narrative. 

Our approach

Amplify Katy's story

We first pitched this story to Katy before anyone else. Having a rapport with athletes is vital if the project his going to be successful. 

Spending a few days scouting locations and understand Katy's routine allowed us build a shooting schedule that match Katy's training program. 

Our plan was to highlight just how hard Katy works, how her family are an integral part of her success and lastly integrate her hme environment into the narrative. 

Photo's, distribution, social media clips and advertising template were also created as part of the project. 


Increased brand visibility

Planning a carefully orchestrated release with the global specialist press ensured that the reach of the project was global.

Hitting 30k views in the first day may not sound earth shattering, but this was one of the few cycling films with the women as the lead to have been made(2017). 

Momentum grew, with the aforementioned distribution giving a circulation of 3.5m over the course of the week, and Sweet saw a spike in website traffic - with a 121% rise in traffic over the next 10 days. 

Further to that, Sweet got a catalogue of images to use in advertising campaigns over the course of the year, saving them logistics and money.