Scottish Cycling

Rider safety campaign

Defusing tensions


Fostering understanding

Scottish Cycling and the British Horse Society approached us with a brief to foster better communications and understanding between mountain bikers and horse riders. 

In shared use land, respect for each other is crucial. It was our job to find a visual that spoke to "enthusiast" riders who are heavily image led, and the more conservative horse riders - our research showed that in reality they have much common ground, so we decided to focus on shared passions. 


Shared passions

With only one day filming available, we constructed a detailed story board so that we could execute all shorts that we needed within the limited daylight hours we were faced with. 

Working with large animals was a new one for us - but we knew that horse riders appreciated the same things as mountain bikers - going fast, being outside and a shared camaraderie. 

Our approach was to start the film by creating a tension that made collision seem imminent - and really playing into stereotypes. Our black and white approach ensured that this was reflected visually. We then dramatically changed the films tone from menace to jovial, after the two sets off riders had a cordial communication. 

For added measure we put in some basic B roll of riders sharing a laugh post filming to further reinforce the message that friction between both parties is the exception, not the rule.

"Potentially one of the most impactful pieces of countryside behaviour media I’ve seen" Phil Whitfield - FC National Visitor Services Manager


A changed conversation

The video was launched through the "Developing the mountain bike in Scotland" platforms - with versions made for traditional viewing, out of home platforms and other various social media clips provided. 

This allowed DMBS to roll out their message on time, on budget and begin to consolidate their efforts to ensure that access to both cycling and horses continues long into the future.