Scott Sports

Connecting communities

Building community


Real people, real emotions

Scott sports are an international brand. This creates a challenge to connect with core audiences who seek individuality, authenticity and brands that operate on the edge. Scott have all of these ingredients, incredible product and passionate staff so we were tasked with helping them connect to core audiences through our premier event, The Naughty Northumbrian



Focus on the emotion

Scott have a three year deal with the Naughty Northumbrian as the event's title sponsor. Being a media production company that also own the event, this gives its a unique opportunity to integrate campaign work into the event, rather than as an add-on. 

Athlete activation is a key part of events, and Scott have some huge names to call on in this respect. Our job was to create and facilitate two types of content - one real, BTS Vlog through Brendan Fairclough for riders to connect with, and the other an inspirational piece design to connect the terrain, local community and bike scene. 



New tools to connect to a wider audience

This short video series connected Barmoor with new audiences across specifically targeted demographics and locations.

The videos achieved organic impressions of over 150,000, and engagement levels of 80,000 unique viewers. Through targeted advertising, we were able to drill down and reach the audiences that mattered most - which drove website traffic up 675% in the two months during and post-launch.