Peelham Organics

A holistic approach to food production


Clarity of message in a challenging market

Food is one of life's undoubted pleasure's. It also critical for us on a personal level, on a national level and for society as a whole. 

Peelham became an organic farm in 2005 with a resolute focus on animal welfare, provenance, increasing bio-diversity, habitat formation and soil quality of their land and of course, creating fantastically wonderful food through their on-farm butchery.

As a small operation, Peelham have won countless awards for this holistic approach, but have lacked the resources to undertake their own marketing. They are truly connected, and often working on, the whole process of their business, which leaves time as a limited commodity.  


More than just a farm

One of the key messages we wanted to bring home is that when you buy a Peelham product, you are buying more than food. For many people, buying organic, soil association and pasture for life approved food is a key part of their belief system.  

In an increasingly visual world, it was important that both quality of product was communicated, but that we also visually communicated the soul of the brand in an authentic way.  As more people adopt changing diets around varied belief systems and science that is more nuanced than we are led to believe, communication will be key for brands such as Peelham.

Authenticity and integrity were crucial, so we focussed on an editorial, candid style of content provision, directly countering the highly produced and slick imagery used by industrial food producers.


A platform to educate, increase sales and communicate

By creating a varied, and structured content pool for Peelham, we have taken the stress out of producing content, communicating their vision and ultimately speaking to potential customers. 

In an increasingly digital landscape, retaining the link between physical experiences and digital communication is paramount for food producers who are adopting regenerative practices.

With this new set of tools at their disposal, we expect Peelham to not only generate increased 3rd part interest, but tell their own story over the course of 2020.