Omnivores of the outdoors.

Further. Faster.


Build strong bonds

The AW 20 campaign for Montane was centred around "building strong bonds". For the other visuals required throughout this campaign, that could be represented physically and literally through rope, lines and other tools that we use in the outdoors. The Pac Plus was slightly different in that the nature of the jacket sees it used by a wide range of customers - all keen on getting into the wilds, but perhaps not as extreme as trad climbing or ice climbing! 

With that in mind, we had to show that friendships, bonds and connections can be forged simply by sharing experiences together. 



One of the hardest tasks for outdoor brands rooted in performance activities is relating to a wider audience, while not dumbing down your message, potentially offending your core. 

With this in mind, we chose a location close to our hearts - the Hen Hole, located in the College Valley.  It is a geographical anomaly as far as the Cheviots are concerned - a craggy gully full of scree, a fast-flowing burn, and various waterfalls. 

You need to be sure-footed and confident, but it's not so extreme that you need to start roping up or donning helmets. The location was integral for the message to be communicated effectively. 

For the second shoot, we were tasked with focussing on what dubb as "omnivores of the outdoors" - those of us who live and breathe mountain activities but are happy running, climbing, swimming, or riding bikes. 

We focussed on the detail - that crux-move handholds we don't forget, the sketch fast pack descent or the early morning swim. The elation, fatigue or effort and of course the moments of sharing. Those are memories that stand out for the outdoors enthusiast. 





A new approach to outdoor apparel

A new approach blending aspirational activities mixed with a multi-sport approach - Montane is now speaking to markets that had a latent desire for their product and value proposition.