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Mitsubishi UK

Showcasing real life application


More than showroom good looks

Showcase the L200's ability to operate across a range of industries that required robust vehicle operations. 


Use it

Exploring various options for this social media project, we decided that we should use the vehicles ourselves - and show case behind the scenes shorts of the vehicles being used in productions. 

Most of our productions are shot on location, many of which are in remote areas. By going "rough cut" we gave viewers the chance to feel the L200 as it was - from the challenges of the terrain, it's loading and towing capacity, to the comfort of the interior post shoot, and everything in between. 


A new look

By targeting a niche, but well financed industry such as film production, Mitsubishi managed to reach an entirely new demographic.

The "rough cuts" received 26 pieces of media with a combined circulation of 1.2 million.