Hepple, Northumberland

A botanical smorgasbord

True to values


The beating heart of a brand

In a saturated market, Hepple had been making noises thanks to their revolutionary triple distillation technique and unique brand values. This message was undeniably brilliant to those with intimate knowledge of the drinks industry - bar tenders, mixologists and purchasing managers. The next step was to build on the hype that placements in globally recognised bars has generated, and talk directly to the consumer. 

Our approach

Have confidence in your voice

As a brand, Hepple are shaped by three core ingredients - the land (and provenance of botanicals) on which they are based, the personalities who founded the brand, and the science that has brought it together. 

Our job was to work with an external agency to create a short set of films that told the story of the brand, land and science - giving a voice to the brand. 


Amplifying brand associations

By making a series of short videos, which we then output in multi-platform and out-of-home versions, we gave Hepple content that backed up their visual approach they apply to their brand. 

Working with a London based producer and script writer, we also allowed Hepple to amplify brand association with "influencers" in the industry on their own terms, as well as through collaboration.