Northumberland National park

College Valley

Progressive estate management


Modern day escapism

Tourism forms a vital cog in the College Valley's finances, and the objectives of the James Knott Trust. 

Our task was to provide the tools and assets for the College Valley to increase their owned bookings and all round visibility.  

The other element was to ensure that the progressive policies that the College Valley have taken over the last 20 years were being communicated effectively. 


Focus on the differences

With the rise of "glamping" and off grid holidays, we proposed to focus on the hybrid mix of comfort and remoteness that the valley's accommodation offers, along with it's policies that have created new habitats, increased biodiversity and began ecological restoration.

Our remit was to help tell the story of the valley, and what visitors could expect, along with some educational elements that educated the public on how the valley was operated.

Working closely with the estate manager and accommodation manager, along with the board of directors, we maintained regular communication. As this was the first kind of project that the valley had undertaken, we also put in place various practices to make managing their outbound marketing easier. 



New tools to connect to a wider audience

In total we provided the College Valley with over 1000 images and 20 short film clips, into a structured content pool for them to use on their social media platforms and direct mailing lists (We are a big advocate of direct Email - it is way more effective than given credit for). 

We also managed their new website build so that it was content led - ensuring the revamped brand image was instantly recognisable at any touch point.