Canyon bikes

Joe Barnes Documentary

Amplifying athlete talent


A global fan favourite

Canyon are Europe's largest direct sale bike brand - and with being so large, the challenge to present personality becomes more challenging. 

Cue Joe Barnes - one of mountain biking most colourful personalities, and a world class competitor to boot. 

We were tasked with highlighting Joe's personality and how his bike has shaped the path he's taken. 


Collaborating with talent

Joe is a creative in his own right, and arguably created the first wave of athlete / creators with his well known "Dudes of Hazzard" series and brand.

We didn't want to produce an upscaled version of Joe's own series - Instead we chose to tell a deeper story while ensuring that Joe's character had a chance to be reinforced and amplified. 

Spending 3 days in the Highlands, we worked on a shooting schedule with Joe that was tailored for him to fit training around filming; crucial for an elite level athlete. 

With a clear story board and scheduled shooting times and locations, Joe could relax into filming and perform to his best in front of the camera. 

Over 600,000 impressions


Canyon's highest viewed film

As part of a wider feature, we ensured the film received global distribution amongst the specialist and regional press. 

Racking up 100k views in 2 days, the film smashed past Canyon's owned media viewing record. Coupled with wider photo stories and editorial across all media, the project garnered 600,000 impressions in a month. 

It gave Canyon a new way of showcasing personality into their brand - and set the stall out for future campaigns.