Barmoor Castle Country Park

Building community


Real people, real emotions

Barmoor is an owners-only holiday park with a unique, relaxing feel to it.

Many guests build friendships in the park and use their space to host family, get into beautiful Northumberland or simply slow down their pace of living. 

Our concept was to show the diversity of people who stay in the park, and their unique, personal interests. 

Highlighting that the park was integral in allowing them to live a lifestyle of their choosing was critical to the message. 





Focus on the emotion

For most of the park's homeowners, this will be the second biggest investment of their lives. In the same way that a full-time home conveys a rich emotional attachment, we had to ensure that Barmoor highlights it's benefits to owners.

We did that with four short portrait pieces highlighting the impact that owning a home at Barmoor has had on their lives. 





New tools to connect to a wider audience

This short video series connected Barmoor with new audiences across specifically targeted demographics and locations.

The videos achieved organic impressions of over 150,000, and engagement levels of 80,000 unique viewers. Through targeted advertising, we were able to drill down and reach the audiences that mattered most - which drove website traffic up 675% in the two months during and post-launch.