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DWAgency is a trading arm of Descent-World ltd.

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The Brief: 


We were contacted by both NDH and Highfell events to see if we could help them market their events.  Through discussion, we decided to take on a joint venture with an entirely  new concept, one that we had been toying with already. What this meant is that we did the new event branding and strategy, website, marketing, social media campaign, video production, sponsorship facilitation and all artwork.  


Strategy was key if the event was ever going to get off the ground. 

What we did:


We were fairly confident that with the right support and guidance we could elevate NDH and Highfell events from small, local events into nationally recognised events. Their events were ran well and professionally but catered to niche markets.  For this new event, we chose a location that had already been used, but entries had been a lowly 90 riders - a completely unsustainable entry given the costs associated with events. We consulted on the potential problems - was it a location / venue issue or marketing issue that led to such few entries?


Using our Editorial platform, Descent-World, we conducted market research. We aren't ones for going in blind, and research is crucial if we are to do our job well. The previous events had been enjoyed by the majority of riders, but with no media or marketing behind them, the events largely went unnoticed.   Through the entire concept from branding, where we designed the logo, to working through the event sponsorship programme we were always focussed on making this an event that was geared towards the riders but also sustainable for the organisers. 

We sold the event out, with 450 riders, in two months.

Our social media campaign utilised all our infrastructure as a company - photography, video production and knowledge of not only how to build an audience, but what would resonate to them. This was about getting results - which meant we focussed on quick, short, sharp videos that could aid a fast- buying decision making process. This streamlined approach made generating content to fit the strategy easy - no third parties, hiring a video guy here, a photo guy there - just a one stop shop. 

Once we knew we had created an attractive product, we encouraged brands to support the event. We brought in Scott an Bergamont as a title sponsor, then Mitsubishi, Lowepro, Alpkit and Hadrian Border Brewery.  This brought benefits to those brands in many ways, but also enhanced the events own standing with riders.

Being riders with world cup racing experience also meant that we test rode the trails, provided occasional feedback and even set hand to tool occasionally. 

Post event we handled all event PR, video production, customer feedback research and photography. 

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