End to End production

Taking the strain out of content creation

More than film makers

Full project management

Since DW was formed in 2016 we've gone through some subtle but continuous changes - some caused by the disruption that technology and platforms demand and others as we have brought our experience into play more . While we started out pitching as photographers and cinematographers, and still are, we are now what I'd call a content strategy agency. 

What does that mean? 

I'm gong to use our latest project for Radon as an example. 

For 2020 we have continued to work with this globally emerging brand and part of our remit has been to look at the type of content that could add personality to the brand, amplify it's sponsored athletes in a multi channel plan and take the burden of such a task away from Radon. 

As Radon have between 10-12 full signed up ambassadors across Europe, all with differing skill sets and personalities we wanted to bring them to wider audiences by getting them together in new locations and touch on emotions all cyclists know and love - exploration, progression and friendship.  

This strategy would also allow us to do two more things - work with resorts and partners to further amplify the content and ensure that we also created some basic tech content around the product (bikes) while on set - saving Radon money in the long term. 





Making it happen

Deeper resource

Traditionally a marketing manager may book in a photographer and videographer for a project like this, but our point of difference is that we handle all location permissions and arrangements, travel plans and bookings for all the riders and create the content, handle the release and take a multi-channel approach.

All of this wouldn't be possible by a one-man band and our producer, Aaron, is an invaluable asset when it comes to booking 18 train journeys and making them all arrive in Germany (or Switzerland, or Spain)... within 2 hours of each other, or accommodation that meets our needs and so on. 

When we need a guide or permissions to fly the drone in certain airspace, or even an interpreter, Aaron will arrange that as well. 

In terms of output, while the focal point of the project may be the Youtube film, from the Spain trip we also output 44 videos for Radon in 4:3, Vertical and GIF formats, and supplied them with over 100 photos in multi aspect formats.   We also help distribute the project across specialist press. 

We understand that content for a brands "owned" channels is critically important, while amplifying athlete association and personality also forms a key component of the brand strategy. Product can't be ignored as this must form the lead for a bike brand in it's overall message - It's ultimately the point where the key transaction occurs with all elements (brand, personality, content..) helping to elevate the product. 

We supply all of this to the client in a very structured format, mainly to make their already busy working days easier. 

The investment cost might be higher than hiring a freelancer here and there, but the overall result is less burden on staff who can then focus on challenges more pressing than content creation, helping take the brand and product in the direction they seek. 

It's certainly reaping benefits for our clients - and if you'd like to know more, then we'd love to chat.