Building strong bonds

Bringing brands together.

Photo and video

Working to a brief

Montane is a brand we've admired for a while. They make great technical outerwear, are based quite close to us, and have been involved in environmental schemes such as supporting the planting of Spaghum Moss. We felt this created a good synergy between us. To confirm this suspiscion, we had our first meeting at an outdoor pizza eatery with beer. I mean, come on.....

Our role was a little more limited than usual, but that was also great - we worked to a brief from Montane's creative agency who were flexible, open, and full of great ideas. 



Bringing brands together

Location fell within our remit, and having worked with the College Valley, we knew the Hen Hole on the western flank of the Cheviot Massif could provide what we needed.

The brief was to "build strong bonds" while also showing the Pac Plus as a capable, packable waterproof for foothill, or approach days. As the terrain had to be relatable but also slightly aspirational, we knew this could be a hard brief to get right!

Thankfully, while the gully can be slippy and steep, it is spatially quite small and full of variance - allowing us to work in a small zone while capturing multiple terrains. 

In all we captured multiple images that are running as Montane's launch imagery across on and offline ad placements, along with providing the footage for a short advertising spot. All of these went into an owned-content pool for Montane who are able to draw down on them across all of their platforms.

With all said and done, we are headed back for more pizza .......