Distant thoughts #2

A compelling visual journey for change

This video is a collection of recycled and unused footage. It is generally footage that was deemed not-quite-good-enough to go into the productions for which it was filmed. Like Dreams, we wanted to highlight that entertainment, like the goods we buy, does not always have to be created from new. 

Over the years we have slowly changed. One of the main changes that has happened is that we are no longer afraid of putting our voice and thoughts into the ether that is the internet. Clearly, it could be argued that we are late to the party in this respect, given the oft animated discourse seen on social media platforms. Life is full of nuance, complication and finding the balance between putting food on the table and operating how we want to operate has been challenging. We accept that perfection isn't possible - we are far from perfect -  yet we hope to do the best we can.

That's why we are backing #buildbackbetter and a #justtransition. 

We are lovers of wild spaces, the outdoors and the mesmerising textures and flows of nature. These campaigns can help us maintain quality of life and incomes, protect and preserve resources and reconnect with the systems that are fundamental to human life.

Since October we have been focussing on reducing our impact, ensuring that any media we create has a value (human, economic, environmental) that makes it worth while, sustainable and building relationships with like minded business's and brands.  

That's where we are heading, and if that's your bag too, then we'd love to chat.