Working in a different way

Using our agency capability during a Pandemic.

More than film makers

Full project management

For this years Dream Trails series, part of our remit was to have a team on the continent for a month, filming, photographing, and engaging with local biking communities. 

It was a three-pronged strategy - content, athlete activation and experiential events. 

By early February we felt this wouldn't happen, but that the content needed to be produced as cycling provided a chance for escapism for riders, and for Radon to ensure their brand was still in potential customers' view. 

We quickly secured the talents of a European film crew who could work to our brief and be in sync with Radon's crew of young and talented riders.  To take the stress of the film crew, we handled all of the logistics, permissions and project management. We also edited the footage in house. 

This achieved two things - a well-produced deck of content and it also reduced our own footprint. We calculated it saved us around 6 tonnes of CO2e emissions - a saving very much worth having in light of the current situation.

It also allowed us to build a working relationship with the European team, who were fun, professional and great to work with.

While global strife is not the best catalyst for change, it has allowed us to branch into new collaborative ways of working and for that we are thankful.