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"Why on earth do you do editorial? There's no money it..."

It's a question we get asked a lot. 

Truth is, we enjoy it. It's a chance to tackle big subjects, free from influence and our clients recognise this. It may sound odd, but quite a few of them enjoy reading too. Funny that.

You see, we feel the value of real journalism and editorial work is greater than ever before.

Less, it seems, is more. Just take a look at our article on concussion in mtb - one of Pinkbike's most read of 2016. We didn't pull punches because when something matters, it matters. End of.  


We'll always be writers and story tellers at heart, because really, without stories, memories and shared experiences what else is there?


You can see our written work on Pinkbike, Descent-World, Eskapee, MBR, Cranked, Kite Surfing Magazine, Say Yes To Adventure, Sender Magazine, Spoke and many technical catalogues . 

Our Blog

March 15, 2018

Now, if any of you read this regularly - hold on, irregularly - you'll know that I love a good bit of improvisation on a shoot.

That's not because I think it's fun. I like films I direct to be fun, and if I'm not DP'ing myself ( Let's say filming, I loathe pretentious t...

January 23, 2018

Another accolade for our mini doc on Joe Barnes at Home in the Highlands.

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