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DWAgency is a trading arm of Descent-World ltd.

UK Registered Company No. 9848808

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So what is DWAgency?


In short, we are fixers. We use a variety of mediums to problem solve. Unlike other agencies, that isn't some twaddle dreamt up over a frappacino . As you'll read on, we were founded with a deep rooted psyche for finding solutions to problems......

DWAgency was founded by Tommy Wilkinson in 2016 through a combination of  adversity meeting opportunity .


Tommy, now 30, started his working life at a design agency working with clients such as GSK and other nationals, before starting his own design, photo and film business aged just 20. Tommy ran this successfully until he was 25, where the feeling of missed chances of youth crept up and he jumped shipped to New Zealand to ride his bike for 6 months.


As you may have guessed, bikes formed a big part of his life - he started racing at 12 and reached World Cup level while still a junior (When there was no junior category) . Please don't mention this though, as he'll show you his number board collection if you're unlucky.....



Upon return from, to quote Billy Connoly, the "arse end of the world" Tommy suffered a life shifting, but unfortunately not tree shifting, crash on his bike.  He was working as the marketing manager at Alnwick Garden at this point. 

With a prognosis of paraplegia and paralysed right arm the consensus, the future looked a little drab.  There was a bleed on the brain, a fractured skull and herniated disc to figure out too.

Stranger things have happened, no doubt, but Tommy started to recover. By 6 months he was walking with a stick, by a year, he went for a bike ride. By two years, he was on the journey to adding all his ingredients of a decade of experience coupled with a grit and focus to bake something exciting. 

After winning the Crankworx Whistler Deep summer photography competition, many options were presented, but Tommy wanted to build something in his own county and his own way.


We don't always follow the stereotypical path. We feel that disruptors are required in the sometimes overly conforming world of media.

Now, with an energy that defies societal expectation of what "an essentially disabled man" should be doing, Tommy is building a team around him (Max, Simon, Aaron) to fulfil that vision, and work closely with brands that share the core values of honesty, integrity, loyalty, resilience and passion . 

So when we say solving problems  with postive solutions is part of us, it really is, as it's something our founder's life revolves around.